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Getting Started

NestJS hybrid auth is a dynamic nestjs module or assembling of individual modules written over passport authentication library which enables you to integrate social login in your nestjs application for various identity providers such as Facebook, Google, Instagram and many more.


The library requires you to install few peer dependencies

npm install @nestjs/passport passport reflect-metadata --save


yarn add @nestjs/passport passport reflect-metadata

How To Install#

You can install nestjs hybrid auth module for just a single social identity provider or all the supported providers. Both of them are identical. I would recommend if you have lots of social logins to integrate, just use the all-in-one variant.

Install Hybrid Auth All In One#

yarn add @nestjs-hybrid-auth/all


npm install @nestjs-hybrid-auth/all --save

Install Hybrid Auth For Individual Identity Provider#

yarn add @nestjs-hybrid-auth/<provider-name>


npm install @nestjs-hybrid-auth/<provider-name> --save

Where provider-name can be facebook, google, twitter or anything supported.